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I have a full time job out of my house and I'm exhausted.

Jul. 31st, 2015

General updatey things:
I lost my job earlier than I was anticipating. The people I was babysitting for got to know me very well. They gave me gift cards for the bookstore AND the wine store in the thank you card they gave me on their last day. Alas, I don't have a job lined up. So we're going to have to use some savings to pay my student loan payments. Which means we're putting off new flooring for the fifth year in a row.

I AM repainting the dining area, kitchen, and hallway. We went and bought paint for the dining area and kitchen yesterday. I have the ceiling almost done. I'll start on the walls tomorrow.

I've been working on my resume for four days. I still feel like it's inadequate, but I have a couple people who are going to look it over for me. I wish some serendipitous stuff would start happening and a job will magically appear right in front of me. Unfortunately, if I'm looking for it to happen, it's not serendipity.

My older brother and his wife are planning on moving out this way! (From New Mexico.) They're looking at Columbus. So, they'd be about an hour away. I love their family and this is beyond exciting for me. It would be so nice for the boys to get to know them better. We all had a complete blast together at my younger brother's wedding in June. My nephews are 16, so the move might not happen until after they graduate high school, but that's only two more years.

There is a chance that my newest SIL will be heading this way also. That's something that's still in the works though. It's a very slight chance.

Step One:
1. Listening: The washing machine
2. Eating: Nothing
3. Drinking: Water
4. Wearing: Pajamas
5. Feeling: Calm
6. Weather: Beautiful! It's SUNNY!
7. Wanting: Stability
8. Needing: To start looking for a job.
9. Thinking: of the list of things I need to get done!
10 Enjoying: My life

Step Two:

Something Unusual

Again, I'm not really sure what to do with this prompt. I need to find a better list. Oh! Well, tonight is a Blue Moon. I suppose that's not usual. Last night I went to let the dogs outside before I went to bed and I actually stepped outside because it was so bright I thought there was a light on somewhere! So I stood in my driveway, in my pajamas, staring at the moon and wishing there was someone else awake to look at it with me. I'm going to ask the boys if they want to stay up late tonight and look at the moon with me. I don't usually let them stay up too late, but whatever. It's summer AND the weekend. We'll have to get used to early bedtimes and getting up for school in a couple weeks. Really, it won't be much of a change for Calvin. I'll have to wake them around 6:30 and he's usually up at 7 or 7:30 on his own. Wow. This got very off topic. Blue Moon tonight. Yep. Also, it's Harry Potter's birthday. I think I'll make brownies with the boys to celebrate!

Jul. 16th, 2015

Step One:
1. Listening: Calvin emptying his piggy bank.
2. Eating: I just had cheese and crackers, veggie soup, and part of an apple for lunch.
3. Drinking: Water
4. Wearing: Sweats and a tank top.
5. Feeling: Calm
6. Weather: Beautiful! It's SUNNY!
7. Wanting: To read in the sun.
8. Needing: To start looking for a job.
9. Thinking: My life will be drastically different in a few months.
10 Enjoying: It finally feels like summer!

Step Two:

The weather this summer and been really weird. There have been a few days that feel like summer. But it's been chillier than normal and super rainy. Our grass is usually starting to turn brown by now and it's very thick and very green. I haven't had to pull the hose out to water my garden a single time. It's raining THAT often. Some places are having very bad flooding. A lot of friends' gardens aren't doing well because of TOO MUCH RAIN. Crops are getting drowned.

I'm hoping for a few more days of hot, sunny weather before fall.

Jun. 16th, 2015

Step One:
1. Listening: Pokemon talk
2. Eating: Nope
3. Drinking: Tea
4. Wearing: Sweats and a t-shirt.
5. Feeling: Hopeful
6. Weather: Rainy, then sunny, then gloomy, then rainy some more. Ugh.
7. Wanting: Attention
8. Needing: To pack for the week. We leave for MC tomorrow for Nate and Molly's wedding. Well, me and the boys. Darrell couldn't get vacation so he'll be coming up Friday after work.
9. Thinking: about complexities in my life.
10 Enjoying: My boys playing nicely together.

Step Two:
9. Your Favorite Thing to do Right Now

Uh... that's inappropriate for a public post. Ha!

Bam, baby!

Step One:
1. Listening: Curious George
2. Eating: Nothing at the moment.
3. Drinking: Grapefruit juice.
4. Wearing: Sweats and a t-shirt.
5. Feeling: Optimistic!
6. Weather: Looks to be heading into a pretty nice day.
7. Wanting: A couple extra days this week.
8. Needing: Supplies for the wedding.
9. Thinking: About making a list of all the shit I need to get done. Housework is definitely taking a back seat this week.
10 Enjoying: This juice!

Step Two:
8. Five things from your bucket list. (Apparently it's hard for me to have five things on a bucket list. Most of the things I wanted to get done "sometime" I've already done. Mainly, have kids and graduate college. And other things are much more short term. Like pay off student loans.)

1. I want to have been in all 50 states and D.C. My grandma did this and I think it's just such a neat goal to have. I mostly have the East and the South that I still need. Plus, like, North Dakota, Hawaii, and Alaska. I also think a plus will be traveling with the boys and letting them see things that are different than what they're used to.

2. I want to have my lj printed and bound. Probably into several books since that would be easier. Probably by years. I assume that sometime it won't be here anymore. And a good deal of my early life with Darrell is recorded here. I'm less interested in the ridiculous stuff I wrote while I was at Purdue, what whatever.

3. I want to go to Greece. And France. And Spain.

4. Rescue a retired greyhound.

5. Enjoy my life.


We're going up to Michigan City today. Nate and Molly's wedding ceremony is on the 20th, so I'm taking a bunch of flowers up this trip so I don't have so much to take in a couple weeks. Her bouquet turned out so beautiful that I'm impressed with myself. I still have the corsages and boutonnieres to make. I'll be doing that next week. We'll probably shop for the clothes for Ben and Calvin to wear in the wedding at the outlet this weekend.

Darrell signed the boys up for the summer reading program at our library yesterday. Ben read for two hours yesterday. The goal is to read or be read to for 18 hours. Ben reads for at least 30 minutes before bed so this will be cake for him. Calvin is read to before bedtime, but I usually don't keep track of how long. We usually do a book or two. Or part of a Harry Potter chapter.

Life in general is very good.
Step One:
1. Listening: A Monster High movie. Calvin has been into them lately. Yeah, I don't know. Haha!
2. Eating: I had apple slices and tea for breakfast, left-over meatloaf for lunch, and Darrell is making breakfast for dinner. But I think I'm going to make myself some vegetable soup.
3. Drinking: Water.
4. Wearing: T-shirt, jeans, and a sweater.
5. Feeling: Slightly crummy, physically. Mentally, I'm doing just fine.
6. Weather: It's very sunny and wonderful.
7. Wanting: Not much today.
8. Needing: To not be ill.
9. Thinking: About going outside.
10 Enjoying: The sun.

Step Two:
7. Siblings.
I have two brothers. Joe is seven years older and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He didn't like me when I was born, but I'm pretty sure he likes me all right now.

Nate is three years younger and we're super close. He's in the Army and was in South Korea for a year. It was difficult. He's stationed near Seattle now, and that's still difficult. My boys miss him a lot. We'll be seeing him in June and I can't wait!
Step One:
1. Listening: Just the lonely hum of my laptop.
2. Eating: I made pasta with salmon and asparagus with a pesto cream sauce. It was super rich and super delicious.
3. Drinking: Abita grapefruit beer
4. Wearing: T-shirt and pajama pants.
5. Feeling: Content and relaxed.
6. Weather: It was lovely outside today.
7. Wanting: More awesome weather.
8. Needing: To see my mom.
9. Thinking: About how it's going to be a busy couple months. Summer will fly. I will have a job.
10 Enjoying: My life.

Step Two:
6. Someone who does not live in your country.

I'm not really sure what this is asking. I'm just supposed to write about someone who doesn't live here? That's pretty random.

Well, Agata lives in Canada. I like her. She seems nice. Blah blah. No, really. I've seen her change a lot over the last however many years. I've basically watched her grow into a woman from afar. I love that she knows what she believes and sticks to it. It's admirable. Also, she just got married and I know this is super rude and none of my business, but I'm totally looking forward to her having gorgeous babies.
Step One:
1. Listening: A PBS show about daffodils and other spring plants.
2. Eating: Taco Tuesday!
3. Drinking: Only water so far today.
4. Wearing: Jeans and a t-shirt.
5. Feeling: Content.
6. Weather: Gloomy.
7. Wanting: I might need a little more compassion today.
8. Needing: Truth.
9. Thinking: People should think. I was going to write more than that, but that short sentence sums up all the things.
10 Enjoying: My boys.

Step Two:
5. 3 Things you like about your personality.

1. I like that I can (usually) take negative things people say/think about me and separate it from what I know is true.

2. I like that I'm able to be optimistic. Sometimes annoyingly so.

3. I like my sense of humor.